Dice of Rolling

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Dice of Rolling
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1,543 backers pledged $40,508.30 on Kickstarter

A set of 29 color-coded dice, system optimized for the 5th edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game.

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$40,508.30 / 1,543 backers
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$4,937.00 / 1,420 backers
Estimated Shipping Date: November 2017
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One Set of Dice
One set has enough dice to roll for most spells and abilities in the game. Free shipping!
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Two Sets of Dice
A set for you and a friend, or double them up to create the ultimate 5th edition dice set with en... more »
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Four Sets of Dice
Dice for your whole party! Free shipping!
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Retailer 20-Pack
Want to sell Dice of Rolling in your store? This 20-pack has you covered. Free shipping!
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